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Building New Construction Homes

September 11th, 2013

We are currently building a new construction home and it is an amazing process.  We are really enjoying watching the day to day progress.

new construction home

new construction home


Many times people get stressed during the building process because of the decisions they need to make.  How large do you want the living room? How big should I make the master closet? What cabinet and door style do you like?


We have worked with many buyers and assisted them in building their custom home. We have also worked with several different builders so we are aware that every builder has different standards. You want an agent with new construction experience.

When you start planning to build, think about your life style.  Do you need more bedrooms because your family is growing?  Do you garden and need to have the east morning sun? What about garage size for a new golf cart? Do you need a walkout lower level to let the family pet out?  Make a must have and cannot live without list.  This will eliminate any painful decision early on.

If you are looking to build a new construction home in the Sioux Falls area, give us a call at 605-366-7431.  We can assist you through the entire process. Starting with the right lot to build on; all the way down to the cabinet hardware.


A very important point.  The appropriate question to ask your builder when you want to make a change to your construction plans.  Is not, ” Can  you change that? “  The right question is “How much is that going to cost to make that change.”  This is why working with a skilled agent is important.  Any changes should be done in writing and signed by both the buyer and the builder. When everything is in writing there is no misunderstandings and everyone is Happy!

Call Pat @ 605-366-7431 if you want to build a home to fit your lifestyle.


Sioux Falls Homes without a storm shelter

May 24th, 2013

The recent tornadoes in Oklahoma have the public wondering -with so many new twin and town homes being built on slabs (without basements) in Sioux Falls, where do the  home owners take shelter.

Here in the Sioux Falls, new construction builders are giving consumers the option of including  a storm shelter in their new twin or town home.   Some of the storm shelters are concrete rooms with 8″ concrete walls.

I have no knowledge of what adequate protection is.  I only want to alert the public that there are options and I’m telling you to do your own research and have a conversation with  a qualified builder about protection.



Sioux Falls Homes For Sale

May 13th, 2013

The Sioux Falls housing market is doing fantastic!  The last 3 homes we listed had accepted offers in only 4 days.  Sellers, now is the time to jump in to the housing market in the Sioux Empire.  Inventory of available homes is low. What this means to you Mr. and Mrs. Seller is  less competition  which should result in a quicker sale. With the low interest rates and quick turn around in the market there is not a better time to have your house for sale.

Courtesy of the Realtor Association of the Sioux Empire are the following statistics :

New Listings in the Sioux Falls region decreased 8.4 percent to 567. Pending Sales were up 5.5 percent to 363. Inventory levels shrank 19.2 percent to 1,583 units.

Prices turned higher. The Median Sales Price increased 5.7 percent to $156,488. Days on Market was down 21.7 percent to 77 days. Absorption rates improved as Months Supply of Homes for Sale was down 35.3 percent to 5.0 months.

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Home is where people long to be

April 8th, 2013

“Home” is a simple word but evokes strong feelings in most of us.  Home holds so many memories for all of us.  As children, we have fond memories of playing ball in the yard, hopscotch on the drive way or sleep overs where we stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning.

As an adult, our home shows pride of ownership, a haven to escape the pressures of work and a place to tuck our children in at night.

It is a great time to purchase a home in Brandon, Sioux Falls, Harrisburg or other surrounding communities of the Sioux Empire.  Home values dropped steadily over the past few years and are now starting to rise.  If you purchase a home today, your money will get you more amenities and more space.

Sellers- now is the time to move up.  Take advantage of the historically low interest rates and purchase the home you’ve dreamed of.  Available inventory of homes is low which means less competition, less time on the market.  Give me, Pat Buysse of Keller Williams Realty,  a call  at 605-366-7431 and start memories in your new “home” today.

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